Customer Testimonials:

"National Metal Works installed a high efficiency furnace and air conditioner into my home. It's a great system at a good price". Jack R.
"We have National Metal Works perform all of our heating and airconditioning needs at our business and at our home". Tim F.







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Indoor Air Quality

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We provide full and partial HVAC system replacement, as well as brand new ground-up installations.


Operations and Maintenance


We provide full-service maintenance, with dedicated staff to ensure on-going system maintenance and quick repair.


Systems Design and Project Management


We specialize in retrofitting older buildings with new heating and cooling systems. We’ll also take on the installation of systems in new buildings from the ground up.


Architectural Sheet Metal


Our Architectural Sheet Metal has complete in-house fabrication facilities to meet the demands of any custom materials required and to complete fast-track projects on time - all with superior craftsmanship and quality installation.


Our workforce is highly experienced in large metal roofs, expansion joints, metal siding, roof screens and custom copper work, and equipped to meet the creative requirements of projects of any size or scope.

  • Ductwork design & installation
  • Metal Roofing inc. Zinc and Copper
  • Equipment Roof Screens
  • Standing Seam Roof Systems
  • Expansion Joints
  • Louvers
  • Column Covers
  • Architectural Flashings
  • Metal Sidings
  • Custom In-House Fabrication

Kitchen Hoods


As residential kitchens become more diversified and sophisticated, intelligent homeowners realize the need for state-of -the-art and efficient range hood ventilation systems. Included with this is the savvy homeowner’s desire for state-of-the-art designs that use unique shapes and materials to present an eye-pleasing and aesthetic look to complement the kitchen environment.

  • Custom Sizes
  • Hood to be NSF approved with mark.
  • Hoods to be 18 gauge type 304 Stainless Steel with a #4 polished finish.
  • All external seams to be welded liquid tight, ground, and polished to the original #4 finish.
  • 18 gauge type 304 Stainless Steel #4 polished filter rack to run the full length of the hood at a 45 degree slope.
  • Integral grease troughs run the length of the hood with removable grease catch cups.

Rooftop Units


National Metal Works provides a complete line of HVAC equipment including gas fired/electric cooling rooftop units, electric cooling rooftop units with optional electric heat, heat pump rooftop units and water source heat pump rooftop units to meet your most demanding HVAC systems requirements.

  • Gas/electric roof-top units and split systems
  • Electric/electric rooftop unit and split systems
  • Heat pump rooftop unit and split systems



HVAC Air Purifiers and purification systems designed to be installed in ventilating systems for central air purification to significantly reduce pollutants and contaminants in homes and businesses. These HVAC air purifiers are particularly effective in combating the elements associated with sick building syndrome. All HVAC ventilation system air purifier units have advanced solid-state electronic power supplies that utilize constant wattage circuitry to ensure optimum electronic efficiency and consistent performance. HVAC air purifiers have been engineered for ease of installation and use and are designed to be installed into any HVAC system.

  • Ductwork design & installation
  • ERV Energy Recovery Ventilators:
    Designed to provide comfort in warmer, humid climates
  • Fresh-air exchangers remove stale air for improved air quality
  • Building Exhaust Fans
  • Fresh Air Intakes
  • Heated Make Up Air Units

Commercial Exhaust Systems


Kitchen exhaust provides a number of different services in order to enhance the operation of a kitchen exhaust. National Metal Works’ emphasis on quality with the provision of end to end user interaction give our clients the ability to rest assured that their investment is safe from fire hazards and functioning at 100% efficiency.


Part of the National Metal Works promise to clients is to provide them with a better understanding of their exhaust system and the problems and solutions that accompany it.


Our Exhaust Systems have these features:

  • Customized to your specific requirements
  • Custom-made Sheet Metal Hoods
  • Whole Building Exhaust Control
  • Inspections of entire exhaust systems
  • Cleanings of hoods and fans
  • Replacement of parts and accessories
  • Certification of compliance with NFPA code

Duct Work


Most air conditioning and heating systems require some form of duct work to channel or direct the air to places in the dwelling where the conditioned air is needed. There are many types of duct work available and often times the duct work can make a big difference in your utility bills. For that reason, it is important that the duct work is installed correctly by qualified installation technicians. A poor installation job will result in poor performance, bad air flow, leaky duct systems, and higher than usual utility bills. Another important factor in the installation process is to make sure the duct work is sized properly. Oversizing systems cost more and does not maintain the desired air flow and undersized duct work causes the system to strain mechanically and can be noisy. It is important that you have qualified people design and install your system from start to finish so that you get the best and highest performing duct work system money can buy. It is also critical that the air conditioning ductwork system be designed for the air conditioning load.

  • 45 Degree Adjustable Elbows
  • 90 Degree Adjustable Elbows
  • Accessories
  • Ceiling Boxes
  • China Caps
  • Damper Sleeves
  • Duct Sealant
  • Duct Tape
  • End Caps
  • Eyebrows
  • Fiberglass Insulation
  • Flexible Duct
  • Galvanized Sheet Metal Duct
  • Hanger Strap
  • Reducers
  • Return Air Cans
  • Saddle Taps on Flat
  • Saddle Taps on Round
  • Start Collars
  • Super Seal Start Collars
  • T-Tops
  • Wyes